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ColorVerse is my most valuable and personal creation.

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Product Description

ColorVerse is my most valuable offering combining your favorite color and Bible verse, creating a one of a kind, handmade work of art.

Sunday is a day of worship for many, but what about the other six days of the week? What if you had an affordable, aspirational work of art at your desk, in the living room or a night table?

ColorVerse is offered two ways.

A.) The first is a Do It Yourself frame option. To save substantially on material and shipping costs, you provide a standard 5″ x 7″ frame & matting of your choice. I’ll create the artwork, initial & date the back and then send it out using a protective bag & envelope.

B.) The second option is ready to display. Open the padded packaging, unwrap it ready to hang or sit on a table. The gold frame option uses an acid-free matting and protective glass glazing as seen in the product images above.

If you have questions, the best method is to use the Contact Form before placing your order.

 Why was ColorVerse created?

As I looked around the studio, my Bible was visible, but any open page is a blur without my reading glasses. I wanted something on the wall, unique, aspirational. I also wanted it to be affordable to anyone of faith.

I played around with ideas for weeks. After many failures, it started coming together. ColorVerse will last a long time, but it’s not intended for museums, it’s for you, a highly personal expression. It is made using acid-free paper stock, carbon polymer and artist’s acrylic paint.

  Is each ColorVerse unique?

Currently, there are nine different color choices and 31,102 verses in the Bible, making 279,983 possible combinations. Also, I can not reproduce the patterns of color. It is impossible because it is not a printed process, but handmade for you. Each is unique.

 How long will it last?

Your ColorVerse will last a long time, but I can’t give you a firm commitment. It is a work of art, so please keep it out of direct sunlight and away from any possible source of water damage. If you aren’t satisfied, it is unconditionally guaranteed.

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